Camping Fun!

We finally made it camping this weekend. I have been antsy all week, waiting to pack up and spend some time relaxing. I didn’t get to spin as much as I wanted but I did find the excuse to drink a couple of these:

The First Day of Fall

6 Cups apple cider                              1/2 tsp. nutmeg

4 cinnamon sticks                            6 cloves

4 Tbsp. brown Sugar                           1 1/2 C apple brandy

Mix the cider, brown sugar and spices over medium heat for 10 minutes add apple brandy and strain into mugs. Enjoy in front of a bonfire, preferably with your favorite yarn…


One Response to “Camping Fun!”

  1. paradoxfibers Says:

    You had me at brandy. Hey chica, Elizabeth here… figured I would give the blog thing a go-round again, mostly just cause I need to document the stuff I make! Having a blog at least motivates me to take a picture ;-). Lovin’g yer yarn, as usual.

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